Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Getting going

Blog is in progress...  I'd like to add some simple tutorials and code to do easy but very useful things in  Access.  I recently completed two databases for users -- both were very different but fun and challenging to work. The first generates reports based on combo box selections on a form, and the other collects information from medical reviews. The later which was a survey type database required the use of list boxes .. these are such great options as they allow a user to select from many options in a list and then perform a function, or also add and delete items themselves to report information, etc.... I found the VBA code for what I wanted the listbox to do to be almost obsolete .. usually I can use some of my own knowledge and google for code i'm unsure of!! So, the tutorials I have in mind to create and post are:

1) Generating a report from several combo box choices on a form with VBA

2) Simple functions

3) Listbox on a form

When I've got a good blog going i'd like to look for more opportunities to create databases. Also working on SQL Server 08 stored procedures! SQL Server seems much more likable then Access but still small business application in Access can be invaluable. If you read this and have a tutorial idea.. i'd love to take a shot at it?!

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