Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One of those kind of days!

I don't know.. somedays are just the days to learn and not necessarily the day to accomplish? Wrote a module and a couple subs for Access form today for a report i'm working on.. i'm not sure if it was the syntax or record source.. shouldn't be either! but i'll be back at it tomorrow! I'm thinking a good blog .. instructions to create a form with combo box and text box fields to open a report is in in order here!

Now, working on a iphone app.. 320X 460 is the resolution.. cool! I made a cool background for an app idea I have and saved it as a .png.. of course it won't save in my resources file.. ahhgh! .. todays is not my day.. I give up! :) hopefully tomorrow is brighter?!

The good thing is i'm not afraid to play around.. but frustrating! ideas? links?

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