Saturday, January 1, 2011

iOS 4.2 Here goes!

Well, a wonderful man in my life purchased a new MacBook Pro for me for Christmas! I am excited to use an apple laptop. Hopefully I will use the bootcamp application to partition the drive so I can run Windows 7 and still use Visual Studio (for VB.NET, C# as well as continuing VBA behind Access and Excel), and also the Mac OS X. For mobile development Apple offers a free application -- iOS 4.2 SDK (Software Development Kit -or- set of tools)-- which currently includes Xcode v 3.2.5. I will use this to develop an iPhone application. It can also be used for iPad application development - which seems to have a BIG future! The iOS Simulator which looks like an onscreen iPhone is so cool.

I am starting out in the book iPhone and iPad Apps for Absolute Beginners by Dr Rory Lewis. See Website: . I have also purchased Programming in Objective C 2.0 written by Steven G. Kockan, which was a recommendation from a lady on devchix blog at:

I started out by going to and creating a developers account. I then downloaded Xcode and iOS SDK 4.2, which is the mobile platform for Apple mobile products.. iPad, iPhone, (iTouch) etc.. I then installed the software, and put the SDK components - Xcode, Interface Builder, and iOS Simulator in my MacBook doc in a way to reduce effort opening them.

I think its on to Hello World.. Here goes!

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