Thursday, November 19, 2009

Marketing Vs. Life

We live in this world where we are marketed to constantly. Think of a place someone hasn't put some cash in their pocket from offering adverstisments. Advertisments are on the road, in our homes, in our reading, TV, Radio, public restrooms, in our music - YOU NAME IT! What do these ads scream?

            THEY SELL ME SEXY
                        THEY SELL ME FUN
                                    THEY SELL ME APPEAL
                                             THEY SELL ME EVERYTHING I"M LOOKING FOR.
                                                        THEY SELL ME AN ATTITUDE FOR LIFE that everything should be easy and everything should fit my taste, and everything should be my way, and I need this and this and this, and when I have it this is how people should do and act around me.

For me to be successful, I must work hard and I must focus. For me to expect any success I cannot expect easy, I cannot expect to use anything sexy to get there, I can have fun but I must focus, I can be appealing without perfect manipulation, and I can't buy determination to be successful and needed in an industry or by my perfect man.
I guess it's time to change my attitude... ya?

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  1. I'm going through a similar time and I know "...any success I cannot expect easy, I cannot expect..." You are right about the hard work part. The trick is to make work a game.. Something fun, a challenge to concur. Something to prove to yourself, etc.. Make it something you absolutely love. Make it a goal to try and dream each night about how you can work on things to make things better and solve problems. Every little attempt will build upon itself and soon you will be at the top because you put your heart into it. There are no free rides and everything is earned.