Thursday, September 24, 2009

Not about computers

What is happiness? As I was driving home today from the pet store, where neutering now costs a lucrative $365.40, I examined the cars around me... wondering if all the paths taken and the rides they were being taken in... had some aspect on happiness?

I followed an older man in a Cadillac sports car of some type, oh man... I have only seen a couple of these hot (are they??... not to me) rides! ... But...the question arises.. Is that man happy... maybe he chose the workaholic route and now drives home from work in his Cadi... tired.. exhausted... does he have close friends/family? Then of course the big trucks.. the mom rides decked with a carseat...(those are hot i've heard.. hehe) Really... what does your car say about your mode of reaching happiness??

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