Thursday, September 24, 2009

Found a New Open Source Language

Bought greatest magazine ever... well I like it... a little different from Woman's Health and Lucky... ;) hehe.. Name of the mag is Practical WebDesign.

The mag featured best websites of the month... I looked this one up... LOVE the site...

Would love to figure out how to use physics engines.(wtf?:

Also found a new open source program for code... Looks really Interesting. I sent a google group message to the girls at DevChics. No one has really heard of the langage and suggested I do some projects and revew in a blog... sadly.. I am not sure i'm ready for this task... but always something to look for in the future! :) Head up!...

So... currently working on a Dreamweaver website... would love it to look like the featured web site... haha... one step at a time :)

.. ps. I'm writing to myself at this point... and my boyfriend.. my one follower.. haha :) exclusive little blogging club here!

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