Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Access 2007: Using VBA recordsets ~DAO

VBA: Visual Basic for Applications (Microsoft)
Recordset: Dataset that consists of group of database records
DAO: Data Access Objects  vs. ADO: Microsoft ActiveX Database Objects

I keep trying to automate different processes at work. The fun/hard part is that I am new to my job and I really have to understand the process and look two or three (or five or six) times at the table names I want to use and the links I need to put between tables. I find I've been using recordsets a lot. They are fun but I seem to finish my code only to have things break, then I repair, and even when it works I think.. there has to be a BETTER WAY!! :) If anyone knows a site or online program I'd love to walk through a couple recordsets or learn other ways to accomplish my same task. The good thing is i'm getting much more familar with VBA recordsets.. and its FUN!

Best thing ever F8, for stepping through each line of code. Sometimes I run the code and it takes me straight to the error... but when I use F8 I can go line by line and see where my error was.

I'll post code sometime soon!

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