Monday, April 19, 2010


Just read the book, The Laws of Simplicity, by John Madea. I am a very visual person and like to think and feel my surroundings. This book was engaging. The author, and MIT instructor, presented 10 laws of simplicity, which were:
    1. REDUCE  The simplist way to acheive simplicity is through thoughtful reduction
    2. ORGANIZE  Organization makes a system of many appear fewer
    3. TIME  Savings in time feel like simplicity
    4. LEARN Knowledge makes everything simpler
    5. DIFFERENCES Simplicity and complexity need each other
    6. CONTEXT What lies in the periphery of simplicity is definetly not peripheral
    7. EMOTION More emotions are better than less
    8. TRUST Insimplicity we trust
    9. FAILURE Some things can never be made simple
    10. THE ONE Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful
What I learned from the book is this, in our complex world simplicity can be both attractive and offer more meaning and peace. However, simplicity and complexity need each other. "Acknowledging contrast helps to identify qualities that we deisre - which are often subject to change." This means that simplicity stands out within a market of complexity. Its interesting that most marketing, advertisement, and objects we buy are now meant to draw emotional responses from engaged children, adults, shoppers, etc. As consumers are we constatly overwelmed with the choices.. It is the simple, the sleek, and small tool that can offer us the most functionality that we opt for. Simplicity and complexity occuring simultanously offer an incredible and even facinating user experience. As humans we are comfortable with simple, while complex can be overwelming and uncomfortable. But how do we accomplish what we must and engage ourselves in society without complex tools (Smart machines)? This is a way in which designers can offer the world something better, something simple yet powerful, in which the user finds trust, love, and empowerment!

Interesting reading.

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