Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Programming Langages

An Algorithm is a step-by-step breakdown and description of how a problem is going to be solved. This is necessary before a useful peice of software can be created, but algorithms follow common-sense reasoning and are easy to construct. The constructing of algorithms may be the most important skill that a programer will ever obtain. Once contructed the programming languages should be slected and used to achieve the solution in the best possible way.

As I discover various programming langugages I will post what I think the benefits and drawbacks are or langugages I encounter. A programming langage in itself is just anything capable of making a decision, an algorithm will breakdown a large decision into smaller parts. Anyhow an understanding of differant langugages should allow me do the above!

The following are the languages that can be used inside Visual Studio 2008:

C++ -- Oldest langage, while it gives developer a lot of control it also takes more effort to write
C# -- Born with .NET
J# -- Born with .NET
Visual Basic -- Re-born with .NET, can build a UI easily with this language

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